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Yoorrook’s priorities

Yoorrook will investigate harms experienced by First Peoples since colonisation. We have three goals:

  1. Establish the truth of what has happened and why.
  2. Help all Victorians understand the truth of First Peoples experiences.
  3. Help transform Victoria so that these injustices do not continue.

Yoorrook proposes to focus on four priorities from now until June 2022 when we produce an Interim Report. These priorities are:

Priority 1: Laying strong foundations for trust and cultural legitimacy
Priority 2: Honour First Peoples’ Elders and preserve knowledge
Priority 3: Lay the foundations for a comprehensive picture of systemic injustices against First Peoples
Priority 4: Promote a coherent and holistic reform agenda.

Please click here to read about the actions we propose for each of these priorities.

We collected feedback on these priorities through an online survey that is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided us with their views. We are analysing the survey and will provide feedback on the key themes shortly.