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The Yoorrook Justice Commission owns the copyright in all material produced for this website, except in the case of content produced by third parties which is discussed below. In accordance with its Letters Patent, Yoorrook supports the sharing of information to develop a shared understanding among all Victorians of the impact of colonisation, as well as the diversity, strength and resilience of First Peoples’ cultures.

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Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Indigenous Data Sovereignty asserts the rights of indigenous Peoples to own, control, access and possess data that derive from them. Yoorrook’s Letters Patent require the Commission to uphold the sovereignty of First Peoples over their knowledge and stories by consulting with them on how the information they provide should be treated and ensuring adequate information and data protection.

Yoorrook applies Indigenous Data Sovereignty protocols to the collection, storage, and use of First Peoples’ information. These protocols respect the decisions of First People on how their data are used, protected, accessed, and shared now and in the future.

First Peoples who make submissions to Yoorrook have provided their consent for the Commission to use their submission for the purposes of conducting Yoorrook’s work. Ownership of First Peoples’ submissions remains with the author of the submission. Their permission may be required to use their submission for any other purposes.

Copyright and use of submissions and other third-party material

All people who make submissions to Yoorrook retain copyright in their submission. In making their submission, they consent to the use of their submission for Yoorrook’s work. Their permission may be required to use their submission for any other purposes.

Yoorrook also publishes other material on this website that was not created or produced by Yoorrook. In some cases, a third party may hold copyright in this material and their permission may be required to use the material.

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