Keeping You Safe & Strong

Yoorrook has free and confidential social and emotional wellbeing and legal supports available for you.

Speaking to Yoorrook about your experiences can sometimes feel too much. While some people get by really well and have strong support networks already, Yoorrook recognises this isn’t the case for everyone.

Free, confidential and safe social and emotional wellbeing support is available to people who want to tell their truth to Yoorrook.

This might look like a one-off yarn, ongoing counselling and support, or linking you with other services in your community.

This is completely led by you. You can get support before, during and after you make your submission.

We also have a free and confidential legal service that can give you information and advice about sharing your story safely with us.

The service is separate from Yoorrook and run by Victorian Legal Aid and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service. Legal support is optional, and you can choose which provider you want to work with.

You can find out more about the supports available below.


Social and emotional wellbeing FAQ


Yoorrook provides free, confidential wellbeing support to anyone who wants to tell their truth. Support is delivered by support workers and counsellors from First Peoples’ Health and Wellbeing.

You can ask for help at any time on your truth-telling journey.  Please call 1800 YOO RRK (1800 966 775 free call) Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to arrange a first yarn with a member of the team or email