Rock art at Langhi Ghiran on Djab Wurrung Country

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It's time to tell the truth about the impacts of colonisation on First Peoples in Victoria.

Areas of work

Yoorrook is investigating injustice against First Peoples in Victoria since colonisation. 

In mid-2023 Yoorrook released the Yoorrook for Justice report into the Victorian child protection and criminal justice systems.

Yoorrook is now looking into land, sky and waters, health, housing and education, and economic prosperity. Yoorrook will deliver its final report in 2025.

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Land, sky and waters
The big orange cliffs of Gunigalg, Gariwerd (Grampians) surrounded by green trees and blue sky
The Yoorrook Justice Commission has commenced its inquiry into land, sky and waters as the next part of the truth telling process in Victoria.
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Criminal Justice System
Yoorrook Commissioners presenting the Yoorrook for justice report in their hands with the Yoorrook shield behind them
For First Peoples, the criminal justice system has long been a site of systemic injustice.
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Child protection system
The Wright Family. Aunty Donna, Aunty Joanne Farrant and Aunty Tina photo from the shoulders up
The Yoorrook Justice Commission is looking into the child protection system as part of the truth telling process in Victoria.
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About Yoorrook

The Yoorrook Justice Commission is the first formal truth-telling process into injustices experienced by First Peoples in Victoria.
About Yoorrook

News and Stories

16 May 2024

What Yoorrook heard about land, sky and waters

The history of Europeans coming to Victoria 200 years ago and taking First Peoples’ land is a history of wrongdoing and loss. But it is also a story First Peoples’ resistance, survival and strength.
16 May 2024

Victoria Police commit to change

Victoria Police announces its commitment to 79 reforms in response to Yoorrook Justice Commission recommendations at the unveiling of the Yoorrook shield
23 January 2024

The Story of the Day of Mourning on January 26

On January 26 1938, First Peoples activists held the nation’s first Day of Mourning to coincide with the 150th anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove.