Meet truth receiver Stephen

Truth receiver Stephen Thorpe headshot

I am Stephen Thorpe and belong to the Gunnai, Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta and Palawa nations. I was born in Naarm (AKA Melbourne) on Wurundjeri land. My early years seen me traveling and living in Naarm and throughout Victoria in the Southeast on Gunnai Country and Southwest on Gunditjmara Country. Traveling Victoria gave me a sense of our Country from a young age, and I enjoyed living on Country and being in the presence of the Ancestors. It also gave me a wide range of experiences which informs me in life today.

I am a Truth Receiver at the Yoorrook Justice Commission and have been passionate about stories and truth telling since I was a young one, still young at heart. I draw a lot of wisdom and strength from both sides of my family who are actively involved as Grass-roots families in Victoria. The stories they share and continue to share about the past and journey to now has shaped who I am today. I honour their lives and commitment to the liberation of our people and ask them to lead me in all I do and say.

Like many in our community I have been honoured to stand alongside community members and hear some amazing truths and life experiences. I have come to know the adversity, resilience and spirit that is within myself, my family, our communities and people.

The injustice and continuing oppression that is causing harm to our people is the reason I joined the Yoorrook Justice Commission. I want to offer myself to the solution and I see this as a steppingstone to making this Country a better place for our People and in turn the Country. I look forward to working with our community to make this happen.

I’ll endeavour to act in accordance with respect, love and listen as community share their truths with me so we can make this Country a better place for all.

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