Yoorrook’s key documents

Expert Advisory Committee

Yoorrook’s Expert Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

General Guidelines

General Guidelines on information gathering
and Pil'kneango Mirnk (evidence)

Guiding the Path to Yoorrook

Yoorrook’s values and cultural protocols

Information Sheet 1: What is Yoorrook?

High level information about Yoorrook

Information Sheet 2: Different ways to tell your truth

How you can tell your truth to Yoorrook

Information Sheet 3: Making a Submission

Guidance on how to make a Submission

Information Sheet 4: Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Data Governance

Yoorook's approach to Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Information Sheet 5: Keeping You Safe and Strong

Information about what support is available to you through Yoorrook

Information Sheet 6: Social and Emotional Wellbeing Supports

Yoorrook's approach to Social and Emotional Wellbeing and the support available to you

Letters Patent

Yoorrook’s establishing document

Letters Patent Summary

A summary of Yoorrook’s Letters Patent

Lotjpa Independent Legal Service

Information about how Lotjpa Independent Legal Service can support you

Practice Direction 1 - Wurrek Tyerrang (Public Hearings)

Information about how Wurrek Tyerrang (Public Hearings) will operate

Practice Direction 2 - Document Production Protocol

Information about the means and format in which electronic documents are to be produced to Yoorrook

Yoorrook's Language Policy

Detail on the Language terms adopted by Yoorrook

Yoorrook's Media Guidelines

How media can engage with Yoorrook

Yoorrook’s Strategic Priorities

Yoorrook's proposed priority areas of focus