May 16, 2024, 1pm

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Victorian Government responds to Yoorrook recommendations

The Victorian Government has accepted 28 of the recommendations made in Yoorrook for Justice in full or in principle.

On 3 April, the Victorian Government formally responded to the recommendations made in the Yoorrook for Justice: Report into Victoria’s Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems.  

The government accepted 28 of the recommendations in full or in principle. Agreement on these recommendations demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of truth telling. Commissioners expect to see progress on the 15 recommendations which remain under consideration in the months to come.  

Yoorrook Commissioners stated in response to the government’s announcement:   

“The 46 recommendations contained in the Yoorrook for Justice report followed a year-long inquiry into systemic injustice within Victoria’s child protection and criminal justice systems. It found both systems remain broken for First Peoples, and that the present-day failures of these systems are deeply rooted in the colonial foundations of the state.   

“The report provides a roadmap to transform Victoria’s child protection and criminal justice systems and create a better future for all Victorians. Commissioners stand by all the recommendations contained in the report.   

“Given the weight of evidence presented throughout the inquiry, which included deeply personal accounts from First Peoples witnesses of suffering which many continue to experience every day, Commissioners are disappointed by the government’s decision not to support three recommendations.  

“Recommendations regarding the Bail Act and the minimum age of criminal responsibility and detention are crucial given the alarming over-incarceration of First Peoples adults and children, and ongoing deaths in custody. These recommendations were not made lightly. They go to the heart of addressing ongoing injustice against First Peoples.    

“Additional accountability hearings may be called later in the year in which government representatives will be required to provide updates on recommendations and their implementation.  

“Commissioners remain committed to engaging with the government to address injustice against First Peoples and achieve truth, understanding and transformation for Victoria.” 

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