Publishing your submission

Every submission made to Yoorrook is important. Each one is read by Yoorrook. Submissions help Commissioners recommend changes to systems and laws to address injustice.

You may also want your submission to be published on Yoorrook’s website so that other people can read it too. Before you decide if you want your story to be published, there are some things you need to know

Before it can be published each submission is checked for sensitive information. Sensitive information can include:

  • names, addresses or signatures
  • health or medical information
  • information about children or other people
  • criminal allegations
  • details of crimes you may have committed but have not been found guilty of
  • serious personal criticism

Yoorrook may be legally required to redact sensitive information before your submission can be published. Yoorrook reserves the right not to publish all or part of a submission if it considers it inappropriate to do so.

You can still make a submission about these things that is read by Yoorrook but not published. Or Yoorrook can publish your submission after removing this information. You can also choose to make an anonymous submission.

You can choose which option you would like by answering the questions on Yoorrook’s submission form or telling your Truth Receiver.

You can get help to make a submission

Lotjpa Independent Legal Service is a free and confidential legal service that can give you information and advice about sharing your story safely, including what can and can’t be published. This service is delivered by the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Victoria Legal Aid. You can speak with a lawyer from either VALS or VLA.

To get legal support contact: (VLA) 8610 9830 or email: [email protected] or (VALS) 9418 5999 or email: [email protected].

See also Fact sheet: Protections for people who share information with Yoorrook which provides guidance and options for getting advice for people sharing their stories with Yoorrook.