Government to provide update on compliance at Yoorrook hearing

For media enquiries, please contact Evan Schuurman 0408 847 385 or [email protected]

April 3, 2023

The Yoorrook Justice Commission will hear from representatives of the Victorian Government tomorrow regarding its failure to comply with the Commission’s orders to produce evidence.

The directions hearing, scheduled for 10am, Tuesday April 4, follows a hearing last Monday during which the Victorian Government apologised for its delays and their impact on Yoorrook’s work.

Chair of the Commission, Professor Eleanor Bourke said: 

“Yoorrook expects the Victorian Government to work openly and honestly in Victoria’s vital truth telling process. Truth telling must come from all sides, not just from First Peoples. The Victorian Government must do better if we are to truly reckon with the injustice perpetrated against First Peoples in this state.”

The directions hearing will be held at Level 9/54 Wellington Street, Collingwood. It will be open to the public, including the media, and can also be viewed via livestream on the Yoorrook website.

The hearing will discuss the government’s response and the timing of future hearings. This will advance the Commission’s inquiry into systemic injustice against First Peoples in Victoria’s criminal justice and child protection systems.

Senior bureaucrats had been scheduled to give evidence to Yoorrook last week. These hearings had to be delayed due to the government’s past non-compliance with notices to produce and other requirements.

Yoorrook is the first formal truth telling inquiry into past and ongoing injustice against First Peoples in Victoria. Established as a Royal Commission, Yoorrook has powers to compel people to produce documents and to attend hearings and give evidence.


Media enquiries: Evan Schuurman, 0408 847 385, [email protected].

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