MEDIA RELEASE: Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria Appear at Yoorrook Justice Commission

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May 4, 2022

The Yoorrook Justice Commission will this week continue its wurrek tyerrang (public hearings) with evidence from senior representatives of the State of Victoria, and First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria. This is in order to: contextualise Yoorrook’s work relative to the parallel Treaty negotiation process, and further Yoorrook’s mandate of:

  • inquiring into and establishing an official public record of First Peoples’ experiences of systemic injustice since the start of colonisation, including the harm and trauma of the past and its continued impact; and
  • determining causes and consequences, including the role of State policies and laws.

Marcus Stewart, Co-Chair of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, will appear before the Yoorrook Justice Commission from 10am on Thursday 5 May 2022. Mr Stewart is expected
to address the systemic and interconnected nature of injustices facing First Peoples in Victoria since colonisation, and First Peoples’ strength, resilience, and aspirations for the future, including in the Treaty process.

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Hon Gabrielle Williams MP will appear from 10am Friday 6 May 2022. The Minister is expected to acknowledge the post-colonisation history of
State sanctioned injustices against First Peoples and provide an overview of current activity and reform measures in areas of interest to Yoorrook.

Both sessions will be livestreamed here: Transcripts of the wurrek tyerrang and the balert keetyarra (witness statements) will be made available on the Yoorrook Justice
Commission website following the appearances.


For media enquiries, please contact Holly Crocket
Email: [email protected]

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