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MEDIA RELEASE: Yoorrook Justice Commission announces Strategic Approach to Historic Process


6 October 2021


The Yoorrook Justice Commission (Yoorrook) has today announced its strategic approach, which
will guide its historic task of investigating ongoing injustices and the impact still faced by First Peoples since colonisation.

As outlined in the Strategic Priorities document, Yoorrook will focus on four priority areas throughout the process as necessary first steps. This will form a critical foundation before Yoorrook calls for
submissions and evidence, and announces its hearings.

The four focus areas include:
1. Laying strong foundations for trust and cultural legitimacy
2. Honour First Peoples’ Elders and preserve knowledge
3. Lay the foundations for a comprehensive picture of systemic injustices committed against
First Peoples
4. Promote a coherent and holistic reform agenda

Professor Eleanor Bourke, Chair of the Yoorrook Justice Commission, spoke about the historic
nature of this work.

“The Strategic Priorities are underpinned by the voices of First Peoples. The work of the Commission will be trauma informed and culturally safe, include stories of strength, resilience and cultural survival as well as the negative impacts. The focus areas aim to address Yoorrook’s unique work and the environment in which it operates. The Commission is particularly pleased to be presented with the
Tyerri Yoorrook (seed of truth) Report compiled by the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.”

The Strategic Priorities outlines Yoorrook’s goals of truth, understanding and transformation, as its
vision to see a transformed Victoria based on truth and justice, and grounded in First
Peoples’ enduring spirit and cultures.

Yoorrook’s approach to truth and justice will focus on establishing a public record based on First Peoples’ experiences of systemic injustice since the start of colonisation. The Commission will make official enquiries and conduct other research to fulfil its objectives.

To honour our Elders and preserve their knowledge the Commission wishes to hear from Elders and others whose vulnerability justifies priority access to Yoo-rrook.

To read Yoorrook’s full Strategic Priorities visit: https://yoorrookjusticecommission.org.au/wpcontent/uploads/2021/10/Yoo-rrook-Strategic-Priorities.pdf

If you have feedback on what is outlined in the Strategic Priorities, you are invited to complete a short survey here by 31 October 2021 or contact Yoorrook to request an introductory meeting by emailing enquiries@yoorrookjusticecommission.org.au


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