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Submission – Ngaweeyan Maar-oo

Ngaweeyan Maar-oo, meaning “Voice of and from the people” in Gunditjmara dialect, is the Victorian Government’s implementation partner and shared-decision making body under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap (National Agreement).

This submission aims to build on and further explore the issues raised in the verbal testimony of the Ngaweeyan Maar-oo co-chairs and Executive Director. In particular, this submission:

  • provides an overview and stocktake of the National Closing the Gap Agreement
  • provides direction to the Victorian Government on next steps in activating the Productivity Commission Review into the National Closing the Gap Agreement recommendations
  • makes further recommendations to draw on the Victorian experiences and challenges implementing the National Agreement
  • coordinates a statewide collective position on behalf of the Ngaweeyan Maar-oo memberships individual recommendations made through their submissions to Yoorrook Justice Commission

Submission – Kara Graham

Kara Graham is a a proud Gunaikurnai and Wotjobaluk woman. In this video submission, Kara discusses culture and language.

Date: 27 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024

Submission – Dean Lusher

Dean Lusher is a Wamba Wemba man.

In this submission, Dean expresses profound sadness for his great-grandfather, Frederick (Fred) Moore (1865-1952) who he says must have felt it would be better to deny he was Aboriginal in order to protect his family and himself’. The submission details Dean’s sense of loss for the culture and connections he missed out on, and how lucky he felt when he learned of his Aboriginal heritage when he turned 50.

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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024
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Date: 18 June 2024