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Submission 2 – Victorian Aboriginal Children and Young People’s Alliance

The Victorian Aboriginal Children and Young People’s Alliance (VACYPA) represents fifteen Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations that provide family, child and youth services in Victoria.

This is the second submission made by VACYPA to the Yoorrook Justice Commission. VACYPA made a submission in December 2022, raising five issues that require urgent attention:

  • Self-determination
  • Law reform and compliance with law and policy
  • Early help
  • Workforce
  • Post-care supports.

Since then, the Alliance has prepared a comprehensive plan for system reform. This additional submission lays out that reform and the underlying rationale.

Size: 943.71 KB
Date: 10 July 2023
Type: pdf


Submission – Anonymous 96

This submission outlines a Warlpiri man’s experience as a Barrister at the Victorian Bar, including instances of lateral violence and racism from legal practitioners.

Size: 182.46 KB
Date: 2 March 2023
Type: pdf


Submission – Anonymous 93

This submission discusses institutionalised racism in medical settings.

Size: 165.47 KB
Date: 1 March 2023
Type: pdf


Submission – Dr Joseph Toscano

Dr Joseph Toscano is the convenor of the Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Commemoration Committee.

This submission gives the historical background to the establishment of the Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner monument at the corner of Victoria St and Franklin St, Melbourne, in 2016. The main component of the submission is a 24 minute video presentation by Dr Joseph Toscano outlining the case for a ‘National Aboriginal and Islander Freedom Fighters Day’ to be held on the 20th January. The video can be viewed here:

The submission also includes a Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner information booklet, correspondence sent to a Melbourne City Councillor regarding a ground penetration examination, and the transcription of an interview with Dr Toscano as attachments.

Submisson – Anonymous 11

This submission gives a first-hand account of the importance of connection to Culture and Community and the distress caused by rejection by a Registered Aboriginal Party. It also details the experiences of the writer’s grandfather. The submission advocates for an “alternate form to recognise the historical Connections that fall through these gaps, one that celebrates individuals who are committed to serving and participating in Community, but also protects integrity.”

Size: 128.83 KB
Date: 7 December 2022
Type: pdf


Submission – Dr Wally Franklin

Dr Wally Franklin was the Executive Director of the First Fleet Re-enactment Company betweem 1984 and 1988.

This submission provides context for the 1988 Bicentennial event of the re-enactment of the European fleet which arrived in Sydney on 26th January 1788. It also outlines research conducted by Dr Trish Franklin, which investigates “Cultural interaction in the Wimmera between the Wotjobaluk Nation and early Europeans, with particular reference to the Ebenezer Mission Station 1842 – 1886.”

Submission – Meryle Maxwell

This submission outlines Meryle Maxwell’s experience of having her baby removed from her at birth and the challenges she has faced in finding out what happened to her child.

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Date: 29 September 2022
Type: pdf


Submission – John Mickle

John Mickle decribes his family “as a part of the Bunurong tribe, descended from our ancestor, Koori.”

This submission outlines the impact of the European practice of separating Aboriginal people from their parents in an effort to erase Aboriginal heritage. In particular, it describes the difficulties faced by families seeking to have their heritage acknowledged. It also details the burden placed on “Aboriginal corporations forced to operate within the restrictive European framework [which] places an unfair burden on the corporations, which are not allowed to recognise members of their own tribes.”

Size: 178.50 KB
Date: 16 June 2022
Type: pdf