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Submission 2 – The Lowitja Institute

Lowitja Institute is Australia’s only national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled health research institute. It works for the health and wellbeing of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through high impact quality research, knowledge exchange, and by supporting a new generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health reseachers.

This submission is the Institute’s Lets walk together, work together, we’ll be stronger together: The need for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coalition on Climate and Health policy position paper published in November 2023.

Size: 2.28 MB
Date: 20 November 2023
Type: pdf

Submission – The University of Melbourne Law School

This submission Caring for Country: Overcoming the twin legacies of terra nullius and aqua nullius was prepared by Dr Erin O’Donnell (settler), University of Melbourne Law School; Dr Katie O’Bryan (settler), Monash University Law School; Professor Sue Jackson (settler), Australian Rivers Institue, Griffith University; Kate Jama (settler), University of Melbourne Law School; Associate Professor Rebecca Nelson (settler), University of Melbourne Law School; Dr Eddie Cubillo (Larrakia, Wadjigan, Central Arrente Peoples), University of Melbourne Law School; and Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations.

This submission identifies the impact of the settler state legal system on Indigenous legal relations with water and land while also identifying opportunities to address these impacts.

Size: 1.47 MB
Date: 17 November 2023
Type: pdf

Submission – Joshua Struthers

Joshua Struthers is a Palawa man from Paredarerme country who was born and grew up on Bunurong country. Mr Struthers holds science degree and works at the CSIRO researching native Australian botanical plants alongside Traditional Owner group partners.

This submission outlines Mr Struthers’ reflections of being an Aboriginal man, Aboriginal people’s connection to land, water, plants, animals and culture, and his observations of the current political landscape impacting on Aboriginal people.

Size: 175.40 KB
Date: 3 November 2023
Type: pdf