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Submission – Charmaine Sellings

Charmaine Sellings lives in Lake Tyres and works at the Lake Tyres Aboriginal Trust. Her grandfather was stolen generation from Healesville but was raised by Elders at the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust, and her Grandmother was a Kurnai woman and born at the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust.

This submission describes the impact of ongoing racism, child removal and intergenerational trauma. It make suggestions for change including an increase in funding and respect.

Submission – Aunt Jennifer Beer

Aunty Jenni Beer is a Wutjubulak woman and speaker of Wergaia.

This submission describes Aunty Jenni’s walk between two worlds, experiences growing up, and her journey to revive and reclaim the Wergaia language.

Size: 82.02 KB
Date: 19 February 2024

Submission – Aunty Daphne Milward

Aunty Daphne Milward is a Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri woman.

This submission tells the story of Aunty Daphne’s life including her education, working life, involvement with the Aboriginal Advancement League, insights from being a prison visitor, and the interconnectedness of community.

Submission – Claudette & Johnny Lovett

Uncle Johnny Lovett is a proud Gunditjmara and Boandik man. Claudette Lovett is a proud Gunditjmara woman.

This submission records their reflections and concerns regarding the injustices Aboriginal people have experienced since white settlement and an acknowledgement that this injustice continues today.

Size: 93.47 KB
Date: 26 June 2023

Submission – Aunty Annebelle Nikkelson

Aunty Annebelle Nikkelson’s submission is a painting about her journey “back to her home after many, many years of abuse and disconnection from mob.”

Size: 575.99 KB
Date: 27 April 2022

Submission – Aunty Diane Kerr

Aunty Di Kerr is an Elder of the Wurundjeri people.

This submission describes Aunty Di’s story, including the importance of ceremony and her role in reviving coming of age and naming ceremonies. It also details Aunty Di’s experience as a foster carer, her work with kids in out of home care, and with Link Up.